Friday, July 8, 2011

Graduations Galore !!!

Pine Hills Happy Families
The Friday may have started with a cool frosty feeling to it but by 9am Pine Hill had started their graduation, in conjunction with their school assembly, and the smiles and warmth that was felt in the hall was amazing. The gradutaes along witht heir children (and their school mates) were eagerly checking out the new machines. We were entertained with some singing and presentation of class awards. Then Computers in Homes graduated their students. Children accompanied their parents onto the stage and the pride they showed in their parents was so evident. Following the graduation we shared some light refreshments with all children & staff. However it wasn't long before parents couldn't contain themselves any longer and people and machines started disappearing out the hall and into the back of waiting cars.

Brockville School Assembly
Brockville Graduates
Hugs from Proud Families at Brockville
Later in the morning and the sun had finally come out and our team was on its way to Brockville for their graduation. This was a much bigger assembly but just as welcoming and excited as our earlier graduation. Participants were awarded their certificates and flash drives by Principal Ben Sincock and once again were accompanied by their proud children. A couple of graduates couldn't make the assembly and their children came forwarded and accepted their awards on their parents behalf. Graduates shared a light lunch with our CiH team but once again couldn't wait to be on their way home with their machines under their arms.

Some of the Forbury Graduates
The remaining Forbury Graduates
Still More Forbury Graduates
Last but not least our team rolled into Forbury and our biggest graduation for the day with 23 people graduating. Although we arrived to a rather sombre school, after receiving news of closure, it didn't take long for it to be overlooked for a while. Deputy Mayor Chris Staynes arrived to award the graduates with their certificates & flash drives. The noise levels increased tenfold during this ceremony with all three classes seeming to support each other with clapping at cheering as each name was called. Once again all graduates were accompanied by their children and even some grandchildren. Later we all shared an afternoon tea with this group seeming to take longer to disperse, as cellphone numbers and e-mail addresses were swapped, and promises of keeping in touch.

Hugs for Mum From Proud and
Happy Pine Hills Children
Relocated Christchurch Family
 Carolyn with her happy chidren

Pine Hill Graduate David with his family

Pine Hills Chairperson
celebrates with her son.

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