Thursday, June 28, 2018

Computers in Homes suspended awaiting funding renewal

This blog is not being updated whilst we await renewal of funding.

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

The very Last Last Registrations for 2016-17

I know my last post talked about the last registrations for 2016-17 but my amazing National Operations and Development Manager was able to find a spare 18 empty places just floating around. After alot of discussions it was decided that my biggest waiting list was from the Refugee community. So with alot of assistance from principals, tutors, tech and managers from wellington we have started a couple of classes complete with Refugees. These families are ones that didn't quite fit into the Refugee Criteria box but fully fitted into the CiH mainstream box. They have all pledged to not only attend the 20 hours training themselves but also to teach at least one other person in their home what they have learnt for that week. It is a really exciting "experiment" to be part of and I'm going to be pleased to keep track of the participants.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Last Registrations for 2016-17

A few brave souls weren't put off by the storm that Dunedin put on Monday and still came down to register for the final class for Carisbrook for our 2016-17 financial year.

After going on bended knees to "the powers that be" in Wellington I managed to secure a further 10 places for this year. Thankfully as my phone keeps on going with families waiting to come on board. We have 28 families starting their training and they will all do two and a half hour classes which will enable them to graduate by Easter and the end of Term 1.

Dunedin will then be doing a bit of "housework" and tidying up some loose ends with our fingers crossed for more numbers in 2017-18 financial year. If we are lucky these classes will start in July.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Mosgiel RSA Work to Lessen the Generation Divide

On Monday 30th January we started a new venture with a class starting at the RSA in Mosgiel aimed at giving grand parents the tools and ability to keep up with, and in touch with family both near and far.
It was a real experiment with an effort to include all members of children's families. It also recognizes that not all families are Mum, Dad & two children but with working parents and single parent families alot of children's time is now shared with an older generation. Not only that but a generation who grew up without the modern technology available. Or easier put the people who missed being Digital Natives.
I was really amazed at the group that came out and were so keen to take up the challenge to learn about "these things" and as one person said " at least make an effort to understand and keep up with the kids & grand kids".

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Carisbrook Round it our for 2016


Our final graduation has been held for the current participants at Carisbrook School. The event was shared by a few friends and family and all were keen to get home to give the new machines a test run. Once more word has spread about the programme and we now have a waiting list of 8 families for the start of 2017. Lastly on a sadder note the Carisbrook tutor Erin has had to resign due to
work and family commitments. I know everyone will join me in wishing her well for the future and to thank her for her commitment to the families.

Final Graduations Round Off 2016

Well 2016 has finally rolled to a very busy end.

We had our first intake at Milton, that graduated on 8th December at Tokomairiro High School. There was 19 participants who graduated. These were made up of families from 3 contributing Schools, Tokomairiro High, Milton Primary and Tokoiti School. Thanks must go to all three Principals, Glenis Sim, Shannon MacDougall, and Tania McNamara, who all worked so well together to help organise a central POD and advertised the programme to their families.

We were lucky enough to be get all connections for Internet that were wanted ready and connected by the following Saturday. Good result. Also a huge thanks must go to Sarah Ennor who tutored these classes and went that extra mile for them all, but also she organised one of the best graduations to date. Each participant created their own power point during classes and this was played during their receiving of their certificates. Such an awesome way to round off their term. Thanks Milton we hope to return in 2017. please feel free to check out the photos below.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

For All Participants Waiting for Stepping UP

Great news for those who have graduated through Computers in Homes Dunedin or anyone who just wants to polish up your skills. Classes are now running through the Central Public Library in town. Please have a read of the attached poster. Happy learning.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Computers in Homes Goes To Mllton

Well our new financial year has rolled around in July. Dunedin was allocated another 50 spaces for family training again. At long last we have been able to meet our commitment to deliver the project further afield than just Dunedin City with the start of the project in Milton. We have three of the main schools in Milton eager to be part of the programme. The team will consist of myself with Sarah Ennor joining us as the tutor, and Ivor Folland will round the team off as the technician. We will be meeting with the Principals to select the school to host the POD of training computers and to agree on the structure the scheme will take. We will then invite each school to select ten families to start training with the goal of graduating in time for Xmas. I will also be meeting with Greg Hurley, who is the new Principal of Silverstream, with the view of training another class there before Xmas, and this should clear the waiting list there. This will leave us with ten spaces to clear some of the waiting list at Carisbrook School. This team will be headed by me with Erin as the tutor and Ivor will round the team out as the technician. All these five classes will be started over the remainder of August and September to have all 50 graduating in time to enjoy their machines and Internet connections over the holiday break.

Friday, May 20, 2016

All the Hard Work is about to Pay Off

Well it's that time of the year again as just under half of our families who have undertaken the programme are about to reap the rewards of all their hard work. We have a class from Port Chalmers School graduating on 26th May. Then Silverstream sees a class graduating on 30th May. Then a class from Carisbrook School and Portabello School will both celebrate in the first two weeks of June. Congratulations to you all and keep an eye out for photos to be posted. I'd also like to welcome a class of 12 participants who have started training during the last couple of weeks at Carisbrook School POD, and yes I will catch up with you all over the next couple of weeks. While I have this chance I would like to farewell Rebecca South. She has really put her heart and soul into not only Computers in Homes but also Stepping UP and KiwiSkills. Unfortunately she has taken up full time employment. I know I can speak on behalf of all the participants, and all my fellow work mates in saying we wish her well for the future and thanking her for all her selfless conviction to all our programmes and people. We will keep in touch with her and you never know where she may pop up again.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Registrations for 2016 Get Underway

This week has seen us start again for the 2016 year with participants registering for classes that will start next week. At the moment we have the numbers for 2 classes at Carisbrook although there is still a couple of spaces still available. We have a Info/Registration night at Silverstream School in Mosgiel next week with the hope of having one class there along with Stepping UP. The following week we are holding an Info/Registration night at Portabello School with the hope of having one class there. Finally we are canvassing for participants at Port Chalmers with the hope of holding a class there alongside a Stepping UP class. It's been really positive with the feedback and interest I received over the Xmas holidays. Maybe it's the hot weather and the hope of completing before the snow arrives. Watch this space for updates.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

2015 Round Up

Well 2015 finished in very quiet and peaceful type of way considering all the hype about Xmas. The last group to graduate came from Carisbrook School. The school was very busy with the last week of year underway. so the parents concerned all decided on a small informal graduation after class. Also invited were the Stepping UP graduates who had been working all term with Rebecca South.

Unfortunately, despite all my best efforts three of the graduates had to wait until the new Year for their Internet connections. Hopefully they were overcome with Xmas cheer to notice the lack of a connection. What better present could you give your kids for New Year anyway.

There are not a lot of photos but below are the few for your viewing.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Final Classes for 2015 Well Underway

Well it seems like only a short time ago that we were starting 2015 with great gusto. We have two classes well underway to graduation in December. One class is being hosted by Silverstream School but also includes families from nearby St. Marys School, all out at Mosgiel. This class is over the halfway mark and have all selected their machine options and Internet options. This class wanted a low key no fuss graduation after their final class on the 9th December at 7pm. We will be inviting their families to come and share this with them. Photos will follow. We have a second class being hosted at Carisbrook School and this is a little newer than the other one. While participants have indicated their machine choice I will be visiting during the first week of December to complete their Internet selection. These keen people have been doing two classes per week to allow them to graduate before the Xmas break. Their graduation will also be a low key no fuss event on 10th December following the catch up class. We will invite family members to come along and share this with them. Again photos will follow. Below is half the Carisbrook class during one of the earlier classes.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

September Graduation at Carisbrook

September Graduation 2015-Formal on PhotoPeach Well another big graduation was held recently at Carisbrook School. It saw some thirty families getting the rewards for their hard-work over the past 10 weeks. At least 90% of the graduates made use of the subsidies for the Internet using UFB and for those who have not got the cabling yet they took up the Naked DSL connection in the meantime. All except three also took the option of having a laptop machine as opposed to a desk top and most stated convenience as their main reason for their choices. We also had some 15 people graduate from Stepping UP, although only a couple of dedicated Silverstream people turned up to receive their certificates. With most classes finished there quite a few have indicated a wish to go onto KiwiSkills, with the views to gaining or bettering their employment. Feel free to check out some of the photos below. September 2015 Graduation on PhotoPeach

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Graduation Time for Port Chalmers School

Today saw the graduation of nine families from Port Chalmers School. All the celebration was shared with their children and grand children. Thanks to principal Vikki Nicholson for making it possible for these kids to get out of class to be part of the event. It was great to catch up with this wonderful class and to hear that they will all be back next Thursday to start their Stepping UP classes. I managed to get a chance to talk to each participant and get to hear about their excitement to learn. In one participants words. She is so excited to get her machine and her UFB install tomorrow morning that she probably won't be able to sleep tonight. Check out the photos below and see some very big smiles. Well done to you all. You're a great set of role models to your families. Port Chalmers Graduation 2015 on PhotoPeach

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Starting Again in Dunedin

Classes are back underway in Dunedin. We have a class at Port Chalmers that is held on a Thursday morning and they are due to graduate on 17th September. They have selected their type of machine and their Internet connections. This had proved rather difficult as some aren't even appearing on the radar for a connection. Still fingers crossed. We will do our best for you. We have three classes running through the CTC at Carisbrook. These are on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. They will graduate on 16th September. Al have now completed their machine choice and their Internet connections. I have included some photos of some of these participants completing their paperwork. We also have another class running out at Silverstream and this will start mid September and graduate by the end of November. This class is made up of families from a number of schools in the Mosgiel area. Another busy term that is well under way. Paperwork Classes on PhotoPeach