Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Final Numbers for 2013-14 Year

Well we thought we could sit back and enjoy the cruise to the finish line after such a hectic term in Term1 BUT NO. Term 2 has seen our profile raised to huge standards with both parent registration and information nights producing big numbers of people. So we now have 20 families participating at Halfway Bush School and another 24 families at Carisbrook School. Both schools have started their training and are due to graduate on 3rd July at a combined graduation. So welcome aboard to you all and I hope you all enjoy your CiH experience.2 Carisbrook Classes on PhotoPeach


  1. Awesome to see upskilling in the community for our families.

  2. thank you computers in homes keep up the good work

  3. cheers computers in homes, great job, i am really enjoying this.